Hi, I’m Chanel

Hi, I’m Chanel, and this is my blog.

This isn’t my first venture into the world of blogging. Circa this time a year ago, I made my debut post on Teenage Adoxography. I was a different person back then, five months into an international move, reeling from the culture shock, and consumed with missing everything I had left. Teenage Adoxography reflects that turbulent stage; you can tell just by glancing at the variety of posts I published. It is a haphazard site of introductions, appraisals of poetry, prose, playlists, poems of my own, political opinions, and whatever else I decided to release.

I will admit it was cathartic. Scattered through the posts, you can find quiet declarations of the commotion I was sifting through. But I am done playing the role of perpetually melancholic. Poems about hard years, a choked throat audible between every line – that voice isn’t mine anymore. And while I am proud of what I created, all these posts belong to an era I’ve outgrown.

Never have I seen such a clear distinction between the person I was a year ago – lonely, lost, still trying to find her feet, voice, and passion – and the person I am today. I turned eighteen last month. I completed my first semester at university. I figured out what direction I want to take my life in, and my life, in turn, is looking up.

Maybe you already know I love the fresh start and revival that January brings. I’m a sucker for “new year, new me”. And while maybe this change has been creeping up since September, now is the time to truly begin to embrace it in a new space for a new Chanel.

What’s in a Name?

One of the many things I’ve learnt through writing on Teenage Adoxography is to simplify the name. While the title was meaningful, it was also a mouthful. I’d often avoid talking about my blog in person, lest someone ask me for the name and I’d once again have to teach them how to pronounce it. For such a minor issue, it really weighed on how I felt about my site. No one wants to interrupt a conversation with a pronunciation lesson after you’ve just mustered up the confidence to share what you’ve been creating!

Chanel Blogs appealed to me because of its simplicity – there’s no age limit, no obscure words. It is simply what it says it is. Chanel is blogging. Chanel Blogs.

Picture Perfect

Another piece of wisdom I can take away from Teenage Adoxography is the age-old affirmation that I don’t have to be perfect. While I let myself run wild with the content of the posts I published, I pushed complicated quotas and deadlines on myself and insisted on using original photos on my Instagram.

While the first solution is easy – give me the freedom to write fewer but better posts – a remedy for the latter issue may be controversial to some. I am not a photographer. I can design spreads, but I’m not an illustrator. I can curate, and pick out aesthetics and I appreciate visual mediums. But I am first and foremost a writer, and I want to give myself permission to use the inspiration around me.

This doesn’t mean I’ll take photos and images here-and-there and paste them without credit. I am a firm believer in supporting small businesses and artists. But, I will be using the incredible visuals I have at hand to accentuate and support my writing. I don’t want to stress about what I’m not focussing on when I’m just starting out blogging again. Let my photography develop on its own without pressure.

New Beginnings

Now that the past is out of the way, hi! I’m Chanel, and this is my blog. I have a lot of opinions – a lot of essays in my mind and things I am aching to say. I love to pick apart pieces of life and write about the fragments under a loving, microscopic eye. I am enthusiastic about literature, music, creativity and various other kinds of art. I am also very interested and invested in feminism, student activism, social change, justice and human rights.

I want Chanel Blogs to be a place where I can unite those topics, and speak about the subjects I am excited about. And I want you to come with because writing is so much more fun when someone out there is reading.

Thanks to all my friends and family for your continued support through my many blogging attempts! Happy new year to all; I hope you find the same drive in 2020 to do what you love.

– Chanel

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