Hi, my name’s Chanel – welcome to my blog!

I’m eighteen years old, and I’m from South Africa but life has lead me across the globe. After a few years of living in England, Qatar, and Cape Town I’ve settled in Ontario, Canada. I’m currently in my first year at Trent University – studying a joint-major in International Development and Sociology with options in Legal Studies and Creative Writing.

When I’m not in the thick of uni-life, you can find me reading and researching various topics in social justice, with goals of becoming an international human rights lawyer, and growing from feminist-in-progress to bona fide activist. There are sure to be many posts dissecting climate change, sustainability, feminism and social justice to come on this blog!

It sounds cheesy but I’ve been writing all my life – songs, poems, short stories, essays: you name it, I write it. Blogging has been a much-beloved pastime of mine, and I’ve given it a go on three previous occasions. Now, on the cusp of my young adulthood, I’ve decided to simplify with a name that’s easy to pronounce, a theme that doesn’t distract from the content, and a fresh mindset to match the arrival of a new decade!

Thanks for reading and supporting Chanel Blogs. Stay tuned for what’s to come!